What We Do

Whether we are managing our own product deployment, or engaged in an outsourcing role, our Project Management team is the basis for coordinating your project.

We have experience in Custom System Design and Prototyping - particularly 8 and 16 bit embedded designs.

It's becoming increasingly important to have specifically focused knowledge on a system or application. Because of this dynamic, let us work with you to see if we can meet your specific IT Consulting service needs.

As part of offering our clients complete turnkey solutions and high quality service, our dedicated Networking resources can build and deploy certified network installations including cabling or wireless access points, enterprise routers and switching equipment.

We provide all the resources to complete the work packages. Virtual teams are assembled on demand to fulfill the project requirements.

A Few Words About Us

Having started out as Prodigy Consulting in 1993, then incorporating under the name Mente in 1997, we have a history of delivering results.
(A bit of trivia: We made the name change because we kept getting calls for Prodigy Online!)

Some of our past and present clients:
• Novopharm/Teva
• Bereskin & Parr

• Canadian Hydrogen Energy
• Echo Consultants
• Waddington's Auction House
• Gevers European Intellectual Property Architects
• Remtulla Euro RSCG Worldwide
• Luminaire USA
• Esprit GmbH
• Arent Fox

We have been developing custom software solutions. Our project durations run from months for smaller projects to multi-phase, multi-year implementations.

A unique opportunity presented itself  to be involved in the design of control and power systems for hydrogen electrolyzers targeted for use in the heavy vehicle market. This was the first time Mente was directly in involved in a "green" product. The project was more of a success than initially anticipated, not only delivering the control systems but also directly contributing to three new electrolyzer designs.