Wouldn't it be nice
to work with a group who you can feel at ease with knowing they can see your project to successful completion?

The art of project management involves three quarters soft people skills with the remainder being the hard analytical skills of the trade. Also in the balance is the experience brought forth from past projects. "There is no substitute for experience" the tried and true maxim goes. Expert knowledge augmented with real world project "street smarts" is, in our opinion, the required tools needed to work though challenging projects.

We're a specialty PM and Consulting group and have pride in the work we direct and manage.

Have a great idea for a product or service who wants to team up with a dynamic player to make it happen, drop us a line.


In addition to our project management services, we have developed applications which can be adapted to fill an immediate need. Our current portfolio contains solutions grouped into two distinct verticals: Legal / Pharma and support for Green Technologies.
Case Asset Management System
Document Content Creation Tools
Embedded Applications
Telemetry and Remote Monitoring