Document Management Solutions

Case Asset Management System

Tracking physical case files for Intellectual Property law firms is crucial. Professionals need reliable access to case files as they move within the office, and to storage locations both on and off site. Typical systems are usually rudimentary and are often an extension of the firms accounting system. They require dedicated barcode label printers with costly proprietary label stock.

The foundation of the current Case Asset Management System (CAM). There are three components that comprise the system:

1 Search and Signout Application (SSA) Primary fileroom sign-in / sign-out tool
2 SSA Lite Allow professionals to automatically display case information from a fixed scanner under the desk
3 Label Printer Prints the label sets for specific case files from any office laser printer

Written in .NET and PHP, the system uses combination of handheld 2D barcodes and fixed scanners. The use of redundant file barcode labels allows for efficient scanning regardless of the file location, whether it be in the professional's office or in file storage areas.

Please contact us to obtain a demonstration video of the system in action.

Document Content Creation Tools

In the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, the creation of complex documents for product formulation and packaging are required. Using standard text editors with scripting languages does not does allow the level of control needed to produce these highly robust documents. Adding in modification audit trails and group security access at multiple levels, the approach clearly fails.
Written using ACI's 4D RDBMS, the validated product makes use of dynamic and intelligent entry fields with tight linking to ingredient databases and extensive audit and security controls.

Embedded Systems

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Control System

Mente was the primary engineering lead for the redesign of a legacy electrolyzer design for a leading Canadian aftermarket full cell provider which Mente has licensed it's CPU2 control software. Embedded application software runs on the open source FreeRTOS platform and the UI interface provides full control over system operation which can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world. Trials were carried out in the US, UK, Spain, China and South America to test the electrolyzer performance and validate the remote operation and telemetry capabilities. The product accommodates both field technicians and tier one support specialists though the use of intuitive screen layouts and multi-level security measures.

Hydrogen Delivery System

Mente developed a dynamic hydrogen delivery in order to meter the gas flow from the electrolyser to the engine. The system responds quickly to key engine operating parameters as well as throttles the electrolyzer output having a much greater latency response. Several failsafe and operating modes have been employed to allow the product to operate in other applications such as stationary generators and boilers.

Vehicle Telemetry

In order to maintain communication with the on board electrolyzer, and retrieve vehicle engine operating data, two solutions were developed. The first approach uses cell based CDMA or GSM/GPRS modems. The second approach using ORBCOMM technology, is used when the vehicle is in a remote location with little or no cell coverage - typically transportation and mining operations in the far north. The primary disadvantage of this second approach is the very low data rate - a fraction of the data rate using of the cell modem approach. In addition, full software updates and buffered event logging data can be carried out over the air.

Contract Services

Data Migration

Using proprietary data migration tools developed in-house, intellectual property case data for over 2,000,000  dockets have been successfully migrated.   Extensive business logic is used to obtain the most successful conversion rate possible.    In cases where the source data quality is not optimal (usually due to poor system design, few or no entry filters, little or no validation business logic, etc.), "clean up" processes are written to filter and clean the case data before posting to the target system.  Detailed reporting ensures any irregularities are identified - particularly useful for focusing any manual cleanup efforts.

Data Migrations have been performed on contract to a third party for these clients:
• EXXON    • Volvo   • Swarovski   • Baxter Pharmaceuticals  • Merck     • Bekaert GmbH      • Bombardier
• Lantiq Semiconductor    • Noerr LLP

MS Office Add-Ins

Leverging the presence of the MS Office suite - tools for Outlook, Word and Excel have been developed on contract to a third party to extend the functionality of their IP client-server application.  Tasks such as tagging and connecting case related documents, connecting trade-mark and patent images have been facilitated.