Digital Transformation

"Mente has an established track record in the small business ERP space with a focus on business analysis, software engineering and project management."

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Business Analysis

Our business intelligence consulting engagements draw on experience and insight gained over fifteen years of R&D, manufacturing, service and inventory management exposure.

Project group


We represent the interests of our Clients during the implementation phase of the project by working closely with software partners to lead an implementation.

Integrated business objects


We understand ERP integration and the challenges in providing a united application architecture and the value it provides to the business by getting it done right.

IoT: Cross-Industry Solutions

We have been active in this space years before IoT became a buzzword - a successful track record in delivering remote monitoring and control solutions with off-the-shelf, custom and hybrid hardware.

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IoT: Rapid Prototyping to Production

We have had repeated successes in leveraging our cloud enabled, embedded IoT endpoint reference design to fast-track prototyping-to-production paths for Client applications and use-cases.